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Flame retardant and anti-arc fabric for power industry

May 05, 2022
Arc is the discharge phenomenon in which an electric current is passed through a gas, and an electric arc occurs when an electric current of sufficient strength is passed through ionized air. The arc causes an explosion, which usually lasts less than a second, but can release huge amounts of radiant energy that can ignite and melt everyday clothing. The arc temperature is very high, with a core temperature of up to 20,000°C. Workers do not have to be touched by the arc to be injured. The radiant heat generated by the arc can melt tools in a very short time and cause everyday clothing to catch fire. For example, cotton and polyester clothing will catch fire and burn without flame. Once this kind of clothing is ignited, it will continue to burn and cause fatal injuries to the wearer. Summer is a high-incidence period for various accidents. Some high-risk occupations, such as electricians, wire maintenance inspectors, power plant workers, operators of substations and voltage equipment, and troubleshooting personnel, are engaged in electricity-related workers. A very big security risk. These industries all need to use anti-arc fabrics to ensure the personal safety of workers​​​​​​​
Henan Zhuoer Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
DROTEX's special flame-retardant and arc-proof fabric for the power industry contains natural plant fibers, has high-quality breathable and moisture-permeable properties, is more comfortable to wear, and has excellent flame-retardant properties, which will not decrease with washing, in line with domestic and international standards. , The protection level of anti-arc clothing reaches level 2, and anti-static wire can also be added, which has permanent anti-static performance. It not only ensures that the workers can operate more comfortably, but also better protects the safety of workers.