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Forest fireproof clothing fabric

May 19, 2022
The loss of bushfires to society and the country is immeasurable, especially in the dry season, when the sun shines on the water bottle and is refracted, it is easy to ignite the dead grass and leaves and cause a fire. Daily inspections are cautious and subtle, and the fire is even more serious. Race against the clock.
In the process of putting out forest fires, firefighters need to be equipped with forest protective clothing to ensure life safety and better and more stably devote themselves to the process of fire fighting and disaster relief. This is a very long process. If the continuous force of the fireproof property is exhausted and the forest fireproof suit is ignited, the life safety of the firefighters will also be affected. Some forest fireproof clothing uses different fabrics. When wearing it for fire fighting work, it may be due to long-term running and high temperature burning, which may cause the fireproof clothing itself to tear or break. Losing the fireproof clothing should have protection capability. There are also some forest fireproof clothing fabrics that can prevent the fire from burning, but the heat insulation effect is poor. When firefighters enter the fire scene wearing fireproof clothing, they can still feel the heat or even the burning pain caused by the flame, which affects the fire fighting. The fire extinguishing efficiency of the firefighters may even cause considerable damage to the firefighters' bodies.
On February 28, 2017, the National Standards Committee approved and issued the national standard "Protective Clothing Forest Fireproof Clothing". Regarding forest fireproof clothing fabrics in the standard, the following main indicators are mainly specified (also the core indicators of this standard)
      1. Fabric color: set as orange. The reason: On the one hand, the determination of orange is an international common practice. For example, the forest fire-fighting suits in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries are orange-red, mainly because the orange-red is bright and eye-catching, and it is easy to identify in the forest. On the other hand, my country has always required the use of orange red in forest fire protection products, and orange red has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As a professional forest fire fighting team, unified clothing color is conducive to standardized management.
      2. Flame retardant performance, mainly stipulates that the afterburning time and smoldering time are both less than or equal to 1 second, and the damage length is less than or equal to 50 mm. These three indicators are slightly higher than the industry standard of the original "Forest Fireproof Clothing" (LD58-94).
       Flame retardancy does not mean non-combustibility, but to control the burning speed within a certain range. Even if it is ignited by an open flame, it can be automatically extinguished immediately after leaving the open flame, and the burning part is rapidly carbonized without melting, dripping or piercing, giving people time to evacuate the burning scene or take off burning clothes, reducing or avoiding burns and scalds, achieve the purpose of protection. This form of flame-retardant technology protection of flame-retardant fabrics prevents fire from spreading and disappears invisibly, which is of great significance to reducing fire accidents and avoiding burns and damage.
      3. Physical and chemical properties: It mainly specifies the breaking strength (not less than 1100N and 1000N in the warp and weft directions respectively) and tearing strength (not less than 100N in the warp and weft directions) after washing for 50 times. These two indicators are not stipulated in the original "Forest Fireproof Clothing" (LD58-94) standard. The higher breaking strength and tearing strength of the fabric is beneficial to the clothing that will not be easily torn and scratched during fire fighting operations, thereby prolonging the service life of the clothing. In the physical and chemical properties, indicators such as "mass per unit area, dimensional change rate in washing, thermal stability, formaldehyde content, PH value and color fastness" are added.
FR Workwear     
Our orange-red aramid flame retardant, anti-static, and water-repellent plaid fabric meets the requirements of the national standard for forest fireproof clothing GBT33536-2017. The material keeps the integrity of the fire prevention effect, and it is not easy to break or tear, which can help rescuers protect their personal safety in the fire scene and save more people.