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Preferred fabric for oilfield protective clothing and firefighting clothing

April 15, 2022
FR Workwear
The outstanding high temperature resistance and flame retardant properties of meta-aramid make it win the reputation of "fireproof fiber". Over the years, meta-aramid has been playing an irreplaceable role in the fields of fire fighting suits, oil field protective suits, military and police uniforms, racing suits, heat-resistant tooling for special industries, high-end hotel fireproof fabrics and even aerospace suits. 
1: Excellent thermal stability. The most important characteristic of meta-aramid fiber is long-term thermal stability, which can be used continuously for a long time at high temperature from 204 ° C to 240 ° C, and has excellent dimensional stability. It will not shrink, embrittle or melt when exposed to a high temperature of 300 °C. It will decompose when it is above 370 °C, and it will start to carbonize at about 400 °C. Only a small amount of gas is released, and the toxicity is almost zero.
FR Workwear
2: Outstanding flame retardancy. The limiting oxygen index of meta-aramid fiber is 28-32%, which is difficult to burn in the flame, and it will be extinguished immediately after leaving the flame, and no melting droplets will be produced. When suddenly encountering a high temperature of 900 ℃ - 1500 ℃, it can be rapidly carbonized to form a unique thermal insulation layer, which can obtain some precious escape time for escapees, and the protective effect is excellent.
3: excellent chemical stability. The chemical structure of meta-aramid fiber is extremely stable, and it is resistant to corrosion by most highly concentrated inorganic acids and chemicals such as bleaching agents, reducing agents, and organic solvents.
4: Good physical and mechanical properties. Meta-aramid fiber is a flexible polymer material with large elongation, soft hand feel, good spinnability, higher breaking strength than ordinary textile fibers, and excellent friction resistance. The processed fabrics have been washed for dozens or hundreds of times. , the tearing strength can still reach more than 85% of the original strength.