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Inherently Aramid Fire Retardant Viscose Fabric

August 23, 2023

Introducing latest flame retardant fabric, designed to provide superior protection in hazardous environments. This fabric is carefully crafted to ensure optimal safety without compromising on comfort and style.

flame retardant fabric

This flame retardant fabric is a blend of high performance fibers, offering a balanced composition that combines functionality with durability.It consists of 31% polyester, 28% modacrylic, 20% aramid, 20% fire retardant viscose, and 1% antistatic material.The inclusion of polyester and modacrylic fibers provides strength, while the aramid fibers add exceptional heat-resistance properties. The fire retardant viscose content enhances flame resistance, making it suitable for high-risk occupations. Additionally, the 1% antistatic material helps to prevent static electricity build-up, ensuring a safer working environment.

This fabric undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent industry standards for flame resistance. When exposed to flames, it resists ignition and further combustion, providing valuable time to escape or extinguish the fire.Apart from its inherent protective properties, our flame-retardant fabric is also comfortable to wear with its soft texture and breathable design. It allows for freedom of movement while maintaining effective protection, particularly in situations where mobility is crucial.Whether it's used in firefighting gear, industrial workwear, or any other application requiring flame and heat resistance, our fabric offers peace of mind and reliable safety.Choose our flame-retardant fabric to ensure the highest level of fire protection, durability, and wearer comfort in hazardous environments.