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Characteristics and Applications of Arc Proof Fabric

August 29, 2023
Arc proof fabric is a type of fabric with fire resistant properties that can prevent arc burns. It is commonly used in high-risk environments such as the power industry, petrochemical industry, and metal smelting, aiming to protect workers from the high heat, flames, and chemicals generated by electric arcs.
Arc Proof Fabric
The anti arc fabric mainly has the following characteristics:
High temperature resistance: The arc resistant fabric can withstand thermal radiation and flames in high-temperature environments.
Flame retardant performance: The fabric has self extinguishing performance, which means it can quickly stop burning after the flame source disappears.
Thermal protection performance: The fabric can effectively block heat energy and reduce the damage of high temperature to the skin.
Breathability: The fabric has good breathability, making it more comfortable for workers to wear.
Wear resistance: The fabric has high wear resistance and can withstand long-term use and frequent washing.
Arc resistant fabrics can be made into various work clothes, protective clothing, and personal protective equipment, effectively protecting workers from arc accidents. When selecting arc resistant fabrics, appropriate fabrics should be selected based on the working environment and needs, and ensure that they comply with relevant domestic or international standards, such as NFPA 70E,EN61482.