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Flame Retardant Viscose Wool Blend Fabric (anti-melting and anti-metal splash)

June 01, 2021

The process of smelting production is relatively complicated, and there are many dangerous sources in the entire production process, including smoke, noise, high-temperature radiation, metal solution and molten slag splashing, explosion, blast furnace gas, blast furnace gas combustion explosion, coal dust explosion, etc. According to the statistics of accidents over the years, there are the most burning accidents. The specific manifestations are burns to the human body such as the overturning and falling of high-temperature liquid metal, the radiant heat of high-temperature liquid metal, and the splash and leakage of molten metal.

 Henan Zhuoer Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

At present, the process of smelting production is relatively complicated. In order to avoid injury to the staff during the smelting operation, the staff are equipped with protective equipment that prevents molten metal splashing, flame retardancy, and heat insulation; and the fabric used to make protective clothing is very good. The protective effect of the fabric depends not only on the thermal conductivity of the fabric, but also on the melting resistance and flame retardant properties of the fabric. At present, flame-retardant cotton fabrics or aluminum-coated fabrics are commonly used, but their resistance to molten metal impact is poor and wearing comfort is also poor.


Xinxiang Zhuocheng Special Textile Co., Ltd. uses high-performance fiber materials and special finishing technology to develop high-grade molten metal splash protection fabrics.



It meets the requirements of ISO 11611 Class 2, ISO 11612 A1, A2, B1, C1, D3, E3, and has the functions of preventing molten metal splashing, flame retardancy, and heat insulation, which can more effectively prevent molten metal such as aluminum and iron from attacking Human injury.



Navy blue, black, blue



Good bulkiness, drape, moisture absorption and breathability, and high strength and abrasion resistance

It will not melt and drip when it meets fire, and the cloth surface has a good anti-metal splash function.