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How To Choose The Right Flame Retardant Cloth Supplier

July 05, 2021

In recent years, with the increase of people's safety awareness, people's requirements for protective equipment are getting higher and higher, and flame-retardant fabrics have gradually become a hot topic of concern; then what should be a suitable flame-retardant fabric supplier? What? Usually we mainly conduct comprehensive assessment from the following aspects:

Quality is the first indicator for evaluating flame retardant fabric suppliers. Only suppliers with perfect quality control systems can continue to supply flame-retardant fabrics with stable quality. Flame-retardant fabrics that do not meet the quality requirements cannot be selected even if the price is low. For flame retardant fabrics, the indicators for evaluating suppliers' supply quality are: flame retardancy, shrinkage, color fastness, inspection pass rate, width, and other performance requirements.

The price and quality of the flame retardant fabric are matched, and the flame retardant fabric with good quality is relatively high in price. When evaluating the supply price of flame retardant fabric suppliers, the average price should be calculated according to the highest and lowest price of similar flame retardant fabrics on the market, and the cost analysis of the flame retardant fabrics to be ordered should be carried out. When choosing a flame retardant fabric supplier, you should not pursue the lowest price.

Delivery period
Delivery refers to the ability of suppliers to ship in a timely manner. The main reason is to assess whether the supplier has sufficient production capacity, whether the human resources are sufficient, and whether there is potential to expand production capacity.Apparel manufacturers should carefully select suppliers with lower on-time delivery rates, because overdue delivery will affect the smooth production of the company, and even cause downtime and waiting for shipments, and will not be able to ship on time.

Service refers to the quality and level of pre-sales and after-sales service of suppliers. The service quality of the flame retardant fabric supply is reflected in the process of communication, coordination and problem solving between the supply and demand sides, and there is no quantitative standard.

Evaluation of the service quality of flame retardant fabric suppliers is mainly evaluated from three aspects:
Responsiveness of the service of the flame retardant fabric supplier: It mainly evaluates the speed of the supplier of the flame retardant fabric in response to the customer's request, especially to evaluate whether the supplier can respond to some customers with small order quantity.
The guarantee of the service of the flame-retardant cloth supplier: It is mainly to evaluate the supplier's own ability to complete the service, the attitude towards the customer, and the effective communication with the customer, so that the service quality can be guaranteed.
Empathy of flame-retardant cloth supplier service: Mainly evaluate whether suppliers can pay attention to customer needs from the customer's point of view