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DROTEX’s anti-acid and alkali fabric

December 09, 2021

DROTEX’s anti-acid and alkali fabric is made of polyester-cotton blended fabric or 100% natural synthetic fiber fabric after finishing with new anti-acid and alkali technology and methods. It has the advantages of good air permeability, softness and lightness, comfortable wearing and easy washing. Work environment with mild to moderate acidity and alkalinity. In order to effectively avoid the splashing and penetration of acid and alkali liquids on the human body, it is suitable for operators who have been exposed to acid and alkali liquids for a long time.


Henan Zhuoer Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Anti-acid and alkali protective clothing/work clothes made of anti-acid and alkali fabrics are mainly used for the protection of personnel working in acid and alkali chemically corrosive places. Specific applications and attention are as follows:

1. Breathable acid-proof overalls are suitable for the protection of moderate and mild acid pollution sites.

2. Non-breathable acid-proof clothing is suitable for the protection of places with heavy acid pollution.

1. The level of acid penetration time for breathable clothing materialsAcid penetration time/min

First level after washing with 80% sulfuric acid≥15 Second level after washing≥10 Third level after washing≥3 Before washing≥30

First level after washing with 30% hydrochloric acid≥10 Second level after washing≥5 Third level after washing≥3 Before washing≥30

First level after washing with 40% nitric acid≥10 Second level after washing≥5 Third level after washing≥3 Before washing≥30

2. Acid rejection performance (efficiency index)

80% sulfuric acid ≥90%

30% hydrochloric acid ≥90%

40% nitric acid ≥90%

3. Acid-proof overalls are also called anti-acid and alkali clothing. The fire-fighting and chemical-proof clothing should be checked for damage before use, and can only be used as an auxiliary tool in the specified acid working environment.

4. Avoid touching utensils during wearing to prevent mechanical damage.

5. Anti-acid and alkali clothing made of rubber and plastic should be stored to avoid high temperature. After use, it should be washed and dried to avoid exposure to the sun. For long-term storage, it should be sprinkled with talcum powder to prevent adhesion.

Six, synthetic fiber chemical protective clothing

Do not use hot water for washing or ironing, and avoid contact with open flames.

In the production process of anti-acid and alkali work clothes, elastic cuffs, elastic hem, and snap buttons on the collar can protect the neck of the human body.

The edge seam of the anti-acid and alkali work clothes adopts internal adhesive tape to effectively prevent the acid night from infiltrating from the gap. The clothing joints are tight, and the suture adopts acid-resistant thread.

Our company produces anti-acid and alkali fabrics all year round, the ingredients include cotton, TC polyester cotton, CVC cotton polyester, N/C nylon and so on.

Gram weight 150-450 g/m2,