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Drotex® anti-static fabric & coverall

November 19, 2021

The phenomenon of static electricity in textiles and its generation principle

The static electricity of textile materials is mainly caused by the friction between the surfaces. Textile materials are poor conductors of electricity and have a high specific resistance. Fiber and its products are prone to generate static electricity due to factors such as friction, drawing, compression, peeling, electric field induction, and hot air drying during the production, processing and use of fibers. Especially with the increasing production and application of synthetic fibers in textiles, the inherent high insulation and hydrophobicity of these high-molecular polymers make them extremely easy to generate and accumulate static electricity.

The harm of static electricity textiles

Static electricity can cause dust to be contaminated during the use of textiles, and clothing entangles the human body to cause adhesion and discomfort, and studies have shown that electrostatic stimulation will have an adverse effect on human health.
Static electricity is one of the main inducing factors of fires, explosions and other accidents in industries such as fireworks, chemical, petroleum and other processing industries. It is also one of the hidden dangers of quality and safety accidents in the processing of chemical fiber and other textile industries.
The spectrum interference hazards caused by electrostatic discharge can cause equipment operation failures and signal loss in electronics, communications, aviation, aerospace and all applications where modern electronic equipment and instruments are used. Therefore, antistatic textiles become more and more important.

Zhuocheng Textile Anti-static Fabric

It is made of metal conductive fiber or composite conductive fiber blended with fabric through a special process. Because the conductive fiber is woven into the fabric to form a whole with the fabric, it has a permanent anti-static performance that is durable and efficient, and is not attenuated by daily washing or friction.

The conductive fiber, whether it is a metal fiber or the white wire, gray wire, and black wire of the composite conductive fiber, are all high-performance conductive wires imported from abroad. The products include blended type, interwoven type, embedded strip type (strip, lattice) and other varieties. The protective clothing made of this kind of fabric can effectively avoid the accumulation of electric charge, and make the electric charge discharge or leak in time, so as to avoid the occurrence of explosion accidents.

Cotton anti-static fabric

Commonly used 98% cotton 2% anti-static silk

CVC anti-static fabric

Commonly used 60% cotton 38% polyester 2% anti-static silk

TC anti-static fabric

Commonly used 65% polyester 23% polyester 2% anti-static yarn

Zhuocheng Textile's Drotex® anti-static fabric is used in petrochemical, coal, military, precision instruments, aerospace and other fields as work clothes, and it meets the international GB12014, GB12703 anti-static performance standards. With the tenet of "Provide better safety protection for global workers", we will continuously produce and develop high-quality products to provide safety and health protection for workers working in special environments!