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Anti-static protective clothing fabric for oil and gas industry

February 17, 2022
The oil and gas industry is a high-risk industry, and there are potential dangers in all aspects of production. Among them, due to the static electricity generated by human activities exceeding the safety limit, discharge sparks will occur, causing major safety accidents of explosion.
The state has also introduced regulations and mandatory standards for personal protective equipment to protect the safety of workers. For example, GB 39800.2-2020 "Personal Protective Equipment Specifications Part 2: Petroleum, Chemical, Natural Gas" stipulates that personal protective equipment should be equipped according to different types of work and departments. Most types of work need to wear anti-static clothing, and its anti-static function must comply with GB 12014-2019 "Protective Clothing Anti-Static Clothing" standard.
DROTEX has been committed to the development and production of special protective fabrics such as flame retardant and anti-static for more than 20 years. The technology has been continuously innovated and improved, and the production of woven anti-static protective clothing fabrics, all performances fully meet the standard requirements, and have 155g summer wear and 230g spring, autumn and winter anti-static protective clothing fabric test report
FR Workwear
This fabric can be used in various workplaces such as oil and gas, providing safety protection and comfort for operators, and has various colors and specifications to meet the needs of operators in different types and seasons.
Life is priceless, quality is the foundation! Bear in mind the corporate mission, provide better safety protection for global labor, and provide high-quality occupational protection products for operators in special environments!