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100Cotton Flame Retardant Welding Clothing Fabric

February 25, 2022
Welding is a rather special industry. Welders work at high temperature every day, and a lot of sparks will be generated during the welding process, and they will be attacked by radiation, high temperature and toxic gases. Work clothes with flame retardant and breathable functions have become the most suitable work clothes for welding workers. A security barrier.
GB 8965.2-2009 "Protective Clothing Flame Retardant Protection Part 2: Welding Workwear" specifies the flame retardant performance, breaking and tear strength, and impact resistance of molten metal of surface accessories for welding workwear, providing a basis for enterprise equipment. Personal protective equipment .
DROTEX's 100% cotton flame retardant electric welding clothing fabric fully considers the working environment and personal safety of electric welders, and has the following advantages:
1. Excellent flame retardant performance, durable, in line with domestic and foreign standards GB8965-2009, EN11611, EN11612, NFPA2112, etc.
2. It is woven from 100% natural fiber "cotton". It has the characteristics of breathable and moisture-permeable, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, soft to the touch and soft luster. At the same time, it also retains the antistatic, ecological and environmental protection properties of cotton fibers. Welder suits made of this fabric are more comfortable to wear
3. Various specifications and colors. Fabric weights, thicknesses and colors vary from season to season, enabling custom weaving.
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