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260gsm 100% Cotton THPCTreated FR Anti-static Fabric
  • 260gsm 100% Cotton THPCTreated FR Anti-static Fabric
  • 260gsm 100% Cotton THPCTreated FR Anti-static Fabric

260gsm 100% Cotton THPCTreated FR Anti-static Fabric

    • Item Code: FRCOTTON #CFR260AS
    • Composition: 98% Cotton 2% Antistatic Fiber
    • Weight: 260gsm
    • Style: Twill
    • Width: 150cm
    • Function: Flame retardant,Antistatic
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Fabric Description and Key Features

#CFR260AS is uesd for flame retardant workwear which is also anti-static


Flame retardant: EN11611;EN11612 A1&A2, B1,C1,E1&F1
Chemical splash: EN13034 type6
Electric Arc: EN61482-1-2 class1 4KA

OEM Service, Customized Color per Buyer Requirement

FR Workwear



  • Chemical THPC flame retardant finish.
  • Excellent protection against heat and flame.
  • 100% cotton for comfort,softness & moisture control.
  • Excellent colour retention(colour fastness).
  • Excellent wash shrinkage.
  • Robust shade consistency.
  • Tested to industrial laundry 50 washes at 60℃ or 75℃.
  • Pyrovatex hangtag available

It is specialized for workers under the risk of heat and flame like Oil&Gas Industry, Welding Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Power energetics.

Full Set Testing

Full set testing in our internal lab for pre-production sample and bulk fabrics. All testing report able to send buyer and kept in soft copy.

  • Color fastness
  • Formaldehyde and PH value
  • Fabric strength, tensile strength and tear strength
  • Oil water repellent performance, water spray testing
  • Liquid chemical repellent testing(aqueous chemicals only) type6
  • Shrinkage in domestic laundering ISO 6330 or industrial laundering ISO 15797
  • Flammability performance ISO 15025 A1 or ASTM D6413; original and after washing/dry cycles
FR Workwear

Meet standards

  • FR Workwear

    EN11611: Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes.

  • FR Workwear

    EN11612: Protective clothing. Clothing to protect against heat and flame.

  • FR Workwear

    EN14116: Protective clothing. Protection against heat and flame. Limited flame spread materials,material assemblies and clothing.

  • FR Workwear

    EN1149-5: Electrostatic properties. Material performance and design requirements.

  • FR Workwear

    EN61482-1-2 Box test Class 1: Live Working – Protective Clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc.

  • FR Workwear

    EN13034: Protection against liquid chemical products.

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