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Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket
Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket
Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket
  • Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket
  • Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket
  • Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket
  • Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket
  • Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket
  • Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket

Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket

    • Color: Orange color
    • Material: Cotton / Polyester / Nylon
    • Type: Safety Jacket
    • Lead time: 1-5000 Pieces, 30 days
    • Customization: You can customize the logo according to your needs
    • How Much Is The Safety Jacket
    • >= 1000 pieces: 25-50 USD
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Fire Resistant Work Jacket Description


Commonly used fabrics Details

Shell: 10oz. 100% Cotton or 88% cotton with 12% nylon

Lining: 4oz. FR Modacrylic

Insulation: 7oz. 100% FR Cotton Twill

Work Wear Safety Jackets Features

  • Concealed two-way zipper front.
  • Brass zipper front with velcro storm flap.
  • Two chest pockets with flap closed by snap button.
  • Adjustable cuff closed with velcro.
  • Back x reflective tape
  • Waist arm 360 reflective tape
  • Two side pockets.
  • Top fused velcro collar.

Cotton Work Jacket Application

Oil-gas industry, welding,mine, metallurgy, traffic, airline, paint, electrical power etc industries.

Packaging & Shipping

* Packaging: one plastic bag for each set,20sets~40sets in one carton or customize.

* Shipping: by sea,by air,by express delivery.

What are Fire Retardant Workwear Jackets and How Do They Protect You?

Fire retardant workwear jackets are intended for use by construction workers on the jobsite. Construction sites can be very dangerous places, especially if you're working with heavy equipment or carrying a lot of tools around in your pockets. If something goes wrong and an accident happens, having the right fire protection clothing is essential to staying safe.

Construction work typically involves long periods spent outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. As such, you'll find that many different types of protective clothing have been developed specifically for those who spend their days

Getting Fire-Safe with Drotex Fire Retardant Workwear Jacket

As the owner of a company that involves dangerous industrial activity, protecting employees is of prime importance. Investing in fire retardant workwear jacket is a step in the right direction. With a host of options available in the market today, it is essential to choose a reliable brand that ensures safety without sacrificing comfort. Drotex is one such brand that has carved its niche in the industry with its fire retardant workwear jacket offering exceptional protection, durability, and style.

Marketing with Drotex branding is an excellent way to showcase its high-quality standards, safety protection, and performance durability. Drotex is a brand that assures its customers of exceptional safety standards. Moreover, the company securely adheres to all the global safety norms as per EN ISO and NFPA regulations. Drotex works with the aim of providing optimum safety to employees who work in hazardous environments. The fire retardant workwear jacket is a testimony to its commitment to employee safety and well-being.

The fire retardant workwear jacket sets itself apart from others in the market with its exceptional quality, hydrophobic properties, comfort, and corrosion-resistant material. It offers a host of features like high-visibility strips, durable construction, and waterproofing material. Due to its robust nature, it can endure rough usage, making it an ideal choice for industrial settings. Drotex branding combines functional, technical superiority and excellent styling options that are sure to satisfy. The brand believes in providing creativity combined with optimal functionality, and the fire retardant workwear jacket is a testament to that.

In conclusion, investing in a fire retardant workwear jacket is a wise choice for protecting employees in hazardous industrial settings. Drotex branding assures reliability, exceptional safety standards, and functionality that add value to the product. By choosing Drotex, you are ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees.

Work Jacket For Men Model Show

Meet standards

  • EN11611

    EN11611: Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes

  • EN11612

    EN11612: Protective clothing. Clothing to protect against heat and flame

  • EN ISO 14116

    EN ISO 14116: Protective clothing - Protection against fame - Limited flame spread materials,material assemblies and clothing

  • EN61482-1-1

    Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc

    EN61482-1-1: Test method: Open Arc Ranking, presented with a value. ATPV(Arc Thermal Performance Value)

    EN61482-1-2: Test method: Box test. Divided in two classes, where Class 2 is the highest level

  • EN1149

    EN1149-1: Protective clothing: Electrostatic properties (surface resistivity)

    EN1149-3: Protective clothing: Electrostatic properties (charge decay)

    EN1149-5: Protective clothing: Electrostatic properties - Part 5: Material performance and design requirements

  • EN 13034

    EN 13034 : Protective clothing against liguid chemicals. Performance reguirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against aqueous based chemicals only (Type 6 and Type PB6) equipment)

  • NFPA 2112

    NFPA 2112 : Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against

Fire Resistant Jacket Design Picture

Product name

Flame Resistant Jacket


Shell: 10oz. 100% Cotton or 88% cotton with 12% nylon

Lining: 4oz. FR Modacrylic

Insulation: 7oz. 100% FR Cotton Twill


Flame Resistant

Supply Type

OEM service


EN11611/ EN11612/ NFPA 2112/ EN 14116 / EN 1149-1/ 3/ 5 /EN 13034 / NFPA 70E / EN 61482-1-2 etc.



Washing times





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