Item CodeAM180
Composition93%Para-aramid 5% Meta-aramid 2% Anti static firber
FunctionFire retardant ,anti static ,inherently fire retardant

Aramid Fabric description and key features

-Inherent Flame retardant propert

-Perfect protective characteristics

-Excellent protection against fire, arc flash ,heat & welding

-Excellent shrinkage under industry washing cycles.

-High color fastness

-High tear and tensile strength

-Breathable Comfortable to wear, no pilling

-Soft touch , Neutral smell

-Eco-friendly and Okeo Tex-100 certified.

-Flexible delivery

-Suitable for protective workwear /clothing /coverall ,construction industry , oil &gas industry and laundering industry workwear

Aramid Fabric Color Runs

OEM Service,Customized Color per Buyer Requirement

Aramid Fabric Full Test Report

Full set testing in our internal lab for pre-production sample and bulk fabrics. All testing report able to send buyer and kept in soft copy.
● color fastness
● Formaldehyde and PH value
● fabric strength, tensile strength and tear strength
● oil water repellent performance, water spray testing
● liquid chemical repellent testing(equeous chemicals only) type6
● shrinkage in domestic laundring ISO 6330 or industrial laundring ISO 15797
● flammability performance ISO 15025 A1 or ASTM D6413; original and after washing/dry cycles

Aramid Fabric Meet Sandard

EN11611: Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
EN11612: Protective clothing. Clothing to protect against heat and flame
EN14116: Protective clothing. Protection against heat and flame. Limited flame spread materials,
material assemblies and clothing
EN61482-1-2 Box test Class 1: Live Working – Protective Clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc

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