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What is satin weave? What are the characteristics of satin weave?

April 18, 2024
The surface of the satin fabric is flat, smooth and glossy, and the front and back sides are different in appearance, each presenting a kind of yarn.
Fabric organization generally has three kinds, plain, twill, satin ~
satin fabric
Satin weave: Interlace of warp and weft occurs only once every four or more yarns, and these interweaving points are separate, discontinuous, and evenly distributed in a tissue cycle. The surface of the fabric has long floating lines in the warp or weft direction.
Common satin fabric
Wool fabric: Dress
Cotton fabric: horizontal satin, straight satin
Silk fabric: plain crepe satin, brocade, soft satin
Satin weave can be divided into:
Warp satin: warp weave points are more than weft weave points, or the front of the fabric shows more warp float length called warp satin.
Weft satin: More weft points than warp points, or the front of the fabric showing more weft float length satin.
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