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Welding Coveralls Requirements

April 21, 2023
Welding coveralls are a type of coveralls used to protect the safety of welders, which can prevent injuries to welders caused by sparks, high temperature metal, etc. Here are some common requirements for welding coveralls:
Fire and heat protection
Welding coveralls need to be fire and heat resistant to protect the welder from hot metal and sparks. Generally speaking, the fabric of welding work clothes needs to have high flame retardant performance and can effectively stop the spread of flame.
Wear and tear resistance
Welding work clothes need to have good wear resistance and tear resistance to ensure that it is not easy to wear or damage in the working process. This can effectively prolong the service life of welding work clothes, reduce the safety risks caused by wear or damage of clothing.
Comfortable and breathable
Welding work clothes need to have a certain degree of comfortable and breathable performance to ensure that the welder can maintain comfort in high temperature, high pressure and other environments. In general, welding coverall fabrics need to be breathable to allow the welder's body heat and sweat to escape while remaining dry.
The color of welding work clothes is generally required to be bright, so as to facilitate identification and differentiation at the work site. This can effectively reduce accidents and misoperation in the work, to ensure the safety of welders.
Meet the standard
Welding work clothes need to meet the corresponding national standards and industry standards to ensure its protective performance and quality.
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