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The 60% Modacrylic 39% Cotton1% Carbon Fibres Inherently Flame Resistant Fabric

November 22, 2023
In the textile industry, fabric composition and characteristics matter greatly, especially when creating materials for specific applications. One such application is the manufacture of inherently flame resistant fabrics used to produce protective equipment for firefighters, military personnel, and industrial workers. we're delving into the details of a unique FR blend – 60% Modacrylic, 39% Cotton, 1% Carbon fibres Flame Resistant Fabric
Modacrylic Flame Resistant Fabric
Modacrylic: The Flame Resistant Champion
The backbone of this blend is Modacrylic, which composes 60% of the fabric. Modacrylic is a synthetic copolymer known for its inherent flame-resistance properties. It doesn't ignite quickly, and when it does, it doesn’t melt and drip but instead chars and self-extinguishes, making it an ideal element in FR fabrics.
Additionally, Modacrylic provides resilience, is lightweight and hypoallergenic, and exhibits resistance against chemicals, sunlight, and abrasion. These attributes further reinforce its suitability in protective clothing, from firefighting gear to industrial safety wear.
 Cotton: The Comfort Provider
Cotton gleans popularity in the textile world due to its comfortability, and accounts for 39% of this blend. It's soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic, ensuring that despite the harsh conditions the fabric may be exposed to, the wearer's comfort is not compromised.
Moreover, cotton has excellent moisture-control properties, keeping the wearer cool by absorbing and wicking sweat away from the body. This aspect is crucial as sweating can become a serious issue while wearing protective clothing, especially in high-pressure, high-heat scenarios.
Carbon Fibres: The Static Eliminator
Although merely present at 1%, carbon fibres play a vital role in this blend. Known for their high tensile strength and high-temperature tolerance, they add durability to the fabric.
Most interestingly, carbon fibres are conductive, providing this fabric blend with fantastic static control. In some working environments, static electricity can pose safety risks or interfere with sensitive equipment. This blend keeps static to a minimum, adding another safety feature to its portfolio.
This blend of 60% Modacrylic, 39% Cotton, and 1% Carbon fibres Flame Resistant Fabric makes for an impressively durable and safe FR fabric. It effectively balances comfort for the wearer, the crucial need for flame resistance and an added bonus of static control. Uniquely adaptable, it offers an excellent solution for clothing and equipment that demand the strictest of safety requirements and reliable performance in extreme conditions.
The next time you see someone geared up in flame resistant clothing, remember the extraordinary textile engineering that goes into creating such high-functioning, life-saving fabrics.