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New EU standards for PPE for personal protection products

June 13, 2022

EN17353 is a new standard for PPE for personal protection products formulated by the European Union in 2020. It is an extension of the EN13356 and EN1150 standards. The New Medium Risk Standard: EN 17353

A strong focus on regulation is at the heart of the PPE industry considerations. Across the world, regulatory requirements often lead to advances in business well-being and private security. As Applied Science, Workplace and Survival evolve, visibility into personal and safety requirements is being refined for enhanced and off-duty protection. Manufacturers of PPE of all kinds are partnering with universities, associations, standardization and analysis bodies around the world to make the world a safer and more visible place. All of our work relies on the science of visibility. We all need to be committed to conducting research on human issues to validate and maintain product development and serve the demands of increasing world visibility.

The New Medium Risk Standard: EN 17353

Background of the EN17353 standard

The European Union has decided not to develop different standards based on the activities of end users. Therefore, ISO 20471 can be used in high risk situations. EN 1150 has been incorporated into the new standard and revised. Parts of EN 13356 for accessories for reflective accessories incorporate a new medium risk standard.

The new EU visibility (visibility) standard, the following schematic diagram of the EN13356 standard:

FR Workwear


Classification of the EN13356 standard

EN17353 - Class A, Visibility based on fluorescent fabrics

Classification: Class A (Type A)

Class A is for daytime visibility only and is generally based on the fluorescence of the material (using fluorescent material as an enhancement). In short, people who wear these clothes can be noticed by (drivers) from a distance. The most common application is clothing made of fluorescent yellow fabrics. Next is the fluorescent orange.

EN17353 - Class B, Product Applications Based on Reflective Materials

Classification: Class B (Type B)

Class B is only used for night visibility and is generally based on the reflectivity of the material (use reflective materials). Generally, the whole product is made of reflective material.

EN17353 - Class AB Applications based on fluorescent fabrics and reflective materials

Classification: AB class (Type AB)

Class AB equipment is intended to be worn by the user when there is a risk of being unseen in day, dusk and dark conditions. This product uses fluorescent fabrics as well as reflective materials and or combined performance materials for enhanced visibility. In short, the EN17353 standard will be fully implemented as a new EU standard after July 2023. Enterprises exporting to the EU need to do a good job of certification. Our company is committed to providing you with flame-retardant fabrics/anti-static fabrics/high-visibility fabrics/fluorescent fabrics/arc-proof fabrics, etc., with corresponding certificate reports, with the goal of "providing better protection for global workers", and will continue to Produce high-quality products that provide the best protection for workers in special environments.