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Cotton HRC2 FR Fabric

April 16, 2024

Cotton HRC2 FR fabric refers to a type of fabric made from cotton that has been treated to be flame resistant and compliant with Hazard Risk Category 2 (HRC2) standards. This means that the fabric has been engineered to provide protection against flash fires and electrical arc hazards, making it suitable for use in industries where workers are exposed to such risks.

Standard for flame retardant fabrics

The FR (flame resistant) treatment applied to the cotton fabric helps to prevent it from igniting and burning rapidly in the event of a fire or electrical arc flash. This can help to minimize the risk of serious burns and injuries to workers who are exposed to these hazards in their workplace.

Cotton HRC2 FR fabric is commonly used in the manufacturing of protective clothing such as coveralls, shirts, pants, and jackets for workers in industries such as oil and gas, electrical utilities, and manufacturing where there is a risk of exposure to flames and electrical arcs.

Cotton HRC2 FR fabric

When selecting cotton HRC2 FR fabric, it’s important to ensure that it meets relevant safety standards and regulations to provide the necessary level of protection for workers. Additionally, proper care and maintenance of the fabric are essential to ensure its flame-resistant properties remain effective over time.