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Camouflage Clothing Anti Infrared Security Training Workwear Pants Fabric

March 05, 2024

Customizable camouflage fabrics made of polyester cotton, all cotton, CVC, C/N, T/R and other materials, as well as multifunctional camouflage fabrics with anti infrared, waterproof, anti-static, flame retardant properties. Used for various purposes, widely used in combat uniforms, training uniforms, CS training uniforms, security uniforms, etc.


Multi color camouflage fabric available

Product colors are diverse and novel, with multiple colors to choose from. High quality selected fabrics are thick and warm, with clear patterns that are not easy to stick to dust。


Camo clothing fabric is soft and comfortable

Fine texture, soft touch, not easy to shed hair, not pilling, not fading。


Exquisite craftsmanship of camouflage fabric

Strong color fixation, special process treatment, multiple cleaning, still maintaining smooth, soft and fine texture, strong wear resistance。