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CP290AS Hivis Elastane Flame Retardant Fabric

June 06, 2024

The Cotton PES Elastane HiVis Flame Retardant Fabric represents an innovative integration of textiles engineered for advanced safety and functional wear. This material is meticulously designed to meet rigorous industry standards and is particularly well-suited for sectors requiring high visibility and flame retardancy. 


Elastane HiVis Flame Retardant Fabric


Elastane HiVis Flame Retardant Fabric Key Components:

  • Cotton: Integrating cotton provides comfort and breathability, making the fabric suitable for long wear periods. Cotton's natural fibers offer skin-friendliness, an essential attribute for daily wear in demanding environments.

  • Polyester (PES): Polyester enhances the durability and strength of the fabric, ensuring it can withstand rigorous industrial washes and maintain color and structural integrity over time. PES fibers also contribute to the fabric’s quick-drying properties and resistance to wrinkles and shrinkage.

  • Elastane: Elastane introduces flexibility and stretch to the fabric, thus ensuring ease of movement for the wearer. This is crucial in work environments that demand both comfort and mobility.


Elastane HiVis Flame Retardant Fabric Safety Features:

  • HiVis (High Visibility): The fabric includes high-visibility features, crucial for ensuring worker safety in low-light conditions or in areas where visibility is paramount, such as roadworks, construction sites, and other hazardous locations. It meets specific visibility standards such as EN ISO 20471 to ensure that wearers are seen in all lighting conditions.

  • Flame Retardant: The flame retardant properties make it a safer choice for environments where fire hazards are present. This feature slows down the spread of flames and reduces the risk of ignition, aligning with key safety standards like ASTM D6413 or NFPA 2112 that govern flame-resistant textiles.


Elastane HiVis Flame Retardant Fabric Applications:

Given its specialized attributes, this Cotton PES Elastane HiVis Flame Retardant Fabric is primarily utilized in creating protective workwear for industries such as oil and gas, electrical utilities, construction, and emergency services. The fabric offers a multifaceted safety approach by providing enhanced visibility, flame retardancy, and comfort, crucial for the safety and efficiency of workers in high-risk environments.