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FR 88/12 Fabric

February 19, 2024

It looks like "FR 88/12 Fabric" refers to a type of fabric that is flame retardant. The "FR" stands for "flame retardant," and "88/12" represents the proportion of 88% cotton and 12% nylon fibers in flame retardant fabrics. This type of fabric is often used in industries where fire safety is a priority, such as in protective workwear or in environments where fire hazards are present.

ARCSAFE® was created of 88% cotton and 12% high-tenacity nylon to provide a soffeel for greater comfort,enhanced wear life and protective performance,That makes it ideal forenhanced protection from electric arc and flash fire exposures.

FR fabric is a specialized material that is designed to resist ignition, slow down the spread of flames, and prevent the fabric from burning. One of the most popular combinations of flame retardant fabric is 88% cotton and 12% nylon, which offers both comfort and durability. This combination also provides the fabric with anti-arc properties, making it an ideal choice for industries where workers are at risk of exposure to electrical arcs.

 Flame Resistant Fabric

One of the key benefits of flame retardant fabric is its ability to protect workers from fire-related hazards. The combination of 88% cotton and 12% nylon not only ensures that the fabric is comfortable to wear, but also adds strength and resilience to the material. Additionally, the anti-arc feature provides an extra layer of protection for workers who may be exposed to electrical arcs in their line of work. This combination of features makes flame retardant fabric an essential choice for industries such as electrical, oil and gas, and welding, where the risk of fire and electrical hazards is high.


When it comes to safety, flame retardant fabric is a non-negotiable requirement in many industries. The combination of 88% cotton and 12% nylon, along with the anti-arc properties, makes this fabric an ideal choice for workwear and protective clothing. By investing in flame retardant fabric, employers can ensure that their workers are equipped with the best possible protection against fire and electrical hazards, ultimately creating a safer work environment for everyone involved. In conclusion, the combination of flame retardant fabric with 88% cotton and 12% nylon, along with anti-arc properties, is a crucial consideration for any industry where worker safety is a top priority.

ARCSAFE® 88% Cotton 12%Nylon Flame Retardant Fabric

DROTEX-CNFR9Oz 88% cotton 12%nylon 3/1Twill.9oz,305gsm Flame Retardant: NFPA 2112;CAN/CGSB155.20 EN 11611:EN 11612    Electric Arc: NFPA 7OE:EN 61482-1-1;EN 61482-1-2
CN300AS 86%cotton 12%nylon 2%anti-static ,4/1 satin,300gsm Flame Retardant: EN 11611; EN 11612Antistatic:EN 1149Electric Arc:EN 61482-1-1;EN 61482-1-2
86%cotton 12%nylon 2%anti-static,4/1 satin,260gsm
Flame Retardant: EN 11611;EN 11612Antistatic:EN 1149Chemical Splash: EN13034 type 6Electric Arc:EN 61482-1-1;EN 61482-1-2
CN260 88%cotton 12%nylon 3/1 twill,260gsm Flame Retardant: NFPA 2112;ASTM F1506;CAN/CGSB 155.20Electric Arc:EN 61482-1-1;EN 61482-1-2
DROTEX-CNFR70z 88%cotton 12%nylon 3/1 twill,70z,235gsm Flame Retardant: NFPA 2412; ASTM F1506;CAN/CGSB 155.20 EN 11611; EN 11612
CN220 88%cotton 12%nylon 3/1 twill,220gsm Flame Retardant: NFPA 2112; EN 11611;EN 11612