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280gsm Cotton Flame Retardant Canvas Antistatic Fabric

July 11, 2024

The 280gsm 100% Cotton FR Canvas Antistatic Fabric involves a specific type of textile designed for safety and durability, incorporating several key features.This is the weight of the fabric, measured in grams per square meter (gsm). A weight of 280gsm indicates a medium-heavyweight fabric, offering a good balance of durability and comfort.

Flame Retardant Canvas Fabric

100% Cotton: This fabric is made entirely from cotton, known for its comfort, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

FR (Fire Resistant): The fr fabric has been treated or inherently produced to resist ignition and prevent the spread of flames. This is crucial for use in environments where there is a potential for exposure to heat and fire hazards.

Canvas: This refers to the weave of the fabric. Canvas is a sturdy, plain-woven fabric. It's rugged and provides excellent resistance to wear and tear.


Antistatic: The antistatic properties mean that the fabric can prevent or reduce the buildup of static electricity, often by incorporating conductive fibers that dissipate static charges. This is particularly important in industries where static charge can pose a risk of igniting flammable substances or damaging sensitive electronic components.


This type of fabric is typically used in industries where flame resistance and antistatic properties are required, such as energy, oil and gas, and various manufacturing sectors. It provides protection to workers against fire hazards while also ensuring that static electricity does not accumulate and cause secondary issues.