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100% cotton flame retardant denim fabric

November 03, 2022

100% cotton flame retardant denim fabric is made of all cotton denim fabric after flame retardant finishing. It has good wear resistance, better strength, softer feel and other characteristics. After being made into work clothes, its wearing life can be extended by more than 50%, and it can better prevent electric sparks, electric arcs, metal droplets, etc. The flame retardant used is a durable finishing flame retardant for cotton fiber and its blended fabric. Its main feature is that after production and finishing with this flame retardant, permanent cross-linking is formed inside the fabric, so that it has durable flame retardancy, good washing resistance, non-toxic and odor free, safe and reliable for human body, breathable and moisture permeable, soft feel, and comfortable to wear, The flame retardant fabric can effectively prevent flame spread and maintain the original properties of the fabric.
The flame retardancy can meet the standards of EN11,611, EN11,612, EN14,116, EN61,482, NFPA2112 and GB8965. Our company has passed relevant tests and has certificates.

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