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What Should I Do if I got Hurt While Wearing PPE ?

September 02, 2020

First and foremast, you or your colleagues must alert management and seek the appropriate level of medical attention.

Beyond this, the specific answer to the question depends on factors such as:

The severity of the injury: You may be entitled to worker’s compensation. For example, some legal acts ensure compensation for wage loss as the result of a work-related injury or disability.

The cause of the injury: If it was the result of a complete accident, bringing the cause to your employer’s attention is the first step in it being addressed. But if you felt you were injured because of employer negligence, such as inability to identify hazards, you have the right to seek legal consultation.

Legal protection: Depending on legislation, you may be able to hold your employer accountable for damages if you feel their negligence was at least partly responsible for your injury.

After receiving medical attention, keep these factors in mind as you consider your next step – be it asking for a brief, paid absence or pursuing legal action.