Anti Static Series

DROTEX®  anti-static fabric Series for workwear which normally used to provide protecion against a range of risks and hazards caused by static electricity in industrial end-use situations.

Nowadays,normally antistatic performance always combined with other performance like Flame Retardant,Oil Water Repellent,Anti Acid & Alkali on the fabrics.

As conductive fibre is weaved into the interior of fabric,it has the endutable and permanent anti-static property which will not decay with daily washing or abrasion.

Either metal conductive fibre or composite conductive fibre including white filament,grey filament and black filament are imported from abroad which have high-performance.

The anti-static fabric style includes blended,interweaved and embedded(strip,grid),protective clothing made of this fabric can effectively avoid electric charge gathering and discharge it timely,thus preventing expoloded accident happening.